~Call Me Elynn~

~Call Me Elynn~

29 December 2012

Dear You,

hey you. i know i can't talk about you, but somehow i think i just wanna express what i feel without you knowing. anyway, you dun read my blog. i'm happy. dat's all i can say....
i dunno what words can describe what i really feel rite now. complete? well...maybe not yet. far from complete but it's enough for me to say..you make me feel alive.
dear you, i dun have words to express on how much i do appreciate you, coming back into my life. and i thank you, for filling up the hope that was in me before. now i am still hoping, for future. for both of us =) and i keep on praying and praying. just as you wish. and you too, rite? we both pray for the same thing. for the eternal happiness.
dear you, i dunno wat might happen in future. neither do you. but we have promised to go through everything together, rite? and i keep dat promise, i hold it strongly, not ever letting it go. and you too.
dear you,i know you are not reading. and i hope you don't too. becoz this is my deepest feeling towards you. i'll let you know in future, if we're meant to be together, insyaAllah. i'll always pray for us. for our happiness.

LOVE YOU...... 

22 December 2012


i want to tell you so many things.
but i dunno where to start.
yeah previously i was toooo damn lazy to update my blog and i know sooner or later i wont have idea to write............

k daaaaaa....heheheehe~